Policy of quality


JARO is the main supplier of aluminosilicate products and a reliable and credible company for its future clients.

Our goal is to aim for the enterprise’s development through making products of very high quality, according to the clients needs.

While relying on our long tradition, we work for the benefit of the made mark through:

  • Broadening our production offer in response to the clients’ requests
  • Serving our clients appropriately

We activate our employees to work for good quality by means of promoting quality awareness on all levels of the organization.

We wish to achieve our goals through introducing, using and constantly improving the quality system consistent with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2000 norm, which allows to:

  • Engage a competent staff in the process of improving the quality
  • Keep the high quality of the products
  • React to information coming from the market. This way we improve and broaden various products and services.

The administration of The JARO concentrates its efforts and actions on implementing and keeping the quality system, so we could fully satisfy our clients.


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